Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am not taking the weight for R. Kelly.

Now for the ladies out there I know dudes can do yall foul somtimes, but aint no way in hell can you put this one on us.

Women are the ones who keep putting money in Chester the Peeing Molestor's pockets.

You hear this fool say “When you say teenage, how old are we talking?”


Well I dont know Kell I guess just old enough to get some peach fuzz on the love button.

Heaven forbid you should scratch your face on a grown woman's vagina!

I mean I understand a grown woman is not that easily impressionable, they have the tendancy to say no to things like say uhm.....being urinated on perhaps?

There less likely to give the nookie away for a chance to spend time with a "star" they might want more than that.

They might ask "questions".

Talk back.

Walk out.

Demand money.

Demand respect.

The f$%# is wrong with that dude?

And than that Toure sitting there fawning over this dude like a groupie.

Find your nuts bro.

Naw I dont want to hear this mess no more.