Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kissy Kiss Fever: The Lost Art of the Kiss

Do you kiss when you make love?

Better yet do you kiss at all?

I was watching a movie were the couple kissed in it and I thought even for a movie that was a pretty poor kiss.

Next thing you know my mind starts wandering and I cant recall the last time Ive seen anybody kiss outside of a movie.

It's not like I'm looking for it but when you see it you don't forget it.

You can say well that's a private thing and couples don't do that out side of there homes.

To which I'll say have you seen what goes on out side?

Go on spring break sometime, public kissing is the least of what you'll see for real.

Me, I'm a kisser, big time, I'm a oral kind of guy, which is why I cant just sleep with any ole woman.

My mouth is going to find it's way to some lips either the pair up top or the pair down bottom but I'm sticking my tongue in something, choice is yours, leave it to me and it will be both.

I have no idea why I'm like that.

Maybe it was my upbringing, in my culture every time men greeted women it was always a kiss on the cheek, now that was nothing more than the equivalent of a hand shake but if putting your cheek next to a woman to say hello is the norm than kissing wouldn't be a big deal.

I just roll with what ever the woman I'm with is comfortable with these days.

The strange thing is that most will prefer not to, everything else is a green light but kissing gets a funny reaction.

No problem with sex but hold the kiss.

But sex feels empty with out it.

I knew a couple of women who didn't like kissing.

The reasoning behind it was that to them kissing was an personnel thing that should be with some one they really love.

They want to save it for the guy there going to make that life time bond with, the one there going to marry.

That's almost as funny as the woman who says she saving anal sex for her future husband.

A virgin anus what wonderful thought I'm sure he'll forget all about that used and abused vagina now that he has that.

Funny thing is that these same women don't see anything wrong with oral sex.

So you don't like to kiss because your saving it for the man you love, huh?

In the back of my mind I'm thinking yeah you love them so much your going to kiss them with a tongue that's been massaging somebody's penis.

I'm sure they can appreciate the irony as they wash their mouths out with bleach.

I know I would.

But than again that maybe the reason why no one kisses anymore, lord knows were some one has been with that grill.

But the side effect of course is a bunch of lead tongues running around.

It's sad really, Ive come across quite a few women that have no idea what they are doing, like tongue wrestling really means tongue wrestling.

I stopped kissing one woman to ask her if has she ever been kissed before and she tells me no.

I thought it was joke but she was dead serious.

It was pretty cool teaching her but I had no choice really, other wise she would of wind up knocking my tonsils down my throat.

Another one made me feel like I was at the dentist were she was counting my teeth.

Than there are the ones who think their supposed to swallow your face whole.

Than there are others who don't want to open their mouths at all.

I blame this on a lack of experience.

American women are across the board, but since they have the biggest hang up about it there the worst.

Haitian women are good but that's were I learned so that opinion gets thrown out.

Spanish are cool but they over do it.

French good.

Brazilian good.

Africans average.

Women with full lips have it easy, less work to be done most of the time I'm working the outside.

Women one lip bigger than the other are cool, most of my time is spent on that bigger part.

Thin lips are a chore, might as well be kissing a wall.

Now of course none of this is law but that's been my experience.

Used to be a time as kids we would practice kissing by kissing on something like gum.

I don't even want to think what the kids are practicing today.

Im not what you would call a romantic guy by nature, not even remotely close.

So you would think that I could care less about the kiss.

But I see the bigger picture, a society that doesnt kiss is a cold blooded one.

It's a world were men see no value in women, and women see no value in men.

It's were kids feel neglected and grow up too fast and too aloof.

You become detach from everyone and everything around you, everything is a tool to be used.

Now Im not saying a kiss can save the world for you, but it can save the day.

And that I miss.

So this post is dedicated for that old big smack on the lips done the right way.

So long live the kiss.

The kiss good morning.

The kiss good night.

The kiss hello.

The kiss good by.

The kiss in love.

The kiss in lust.

The kiss.