Tuesday, August 12, 2008


For those that dont know I have some very strong feelings about Michael Vick's troubles.
Im still pissed with PETA and the court systems.
I wont go over it agian because that ish sends me into a fit, were I want to start kicking dogs, and I like dogs.
So when I saw this post on him I got interested.
Now I didnt even know there was plans for another league.
I Like the Giants and I love the Jets but the NFL screws the players and the fans silly.
Another league to level the playing field is what's needed.
Unlike the NBA, which is now finding out that there are people out side the USA with deep pockets willing to snatch up players, the NFL really has no comp.
In my Life time I can count three start up leagues that failed badly.
All the result of poor business planing, seems that everyone wanted to be the NFL with out paying the dues, starting off small than gradually build your brand.
Thats how it works.
So I am looking foward to this United Footbal League just so I can see a level playing field and yeah Mike Vick back on the field.