Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My two cents on the New Yorker.

Now this cover "controversy" has been making the rounds on the blogosphere rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

I have been posting my opinion about it all over the place most recently at the Villagers blog here:

I have been running my blogo mouth about it so I decided let me officially let you know what I think.


It is called satire, the cover was mocking opponents of the Obama's who can not seem to find anything substantial to say about the Dynamic Duo.

And for good reason, watching Fox News, (I needed a good laugh and Fox News is one hell of a joke), one of the talking heads pointed out the Barrack really is almost with out any personality flaws that the jokers of the media like to use when blasting politicians.

Bush is portrayed as a clueless cowboy, Clinton as a sexual deviant, Reagan as a senile old coot.


Name it.

The only thing that has been taken to task is the media's love affair with him which the Saturday Night Live skit pointed out.

The only thing we here about on the regular is that Obama is a type of Manchurian candidate for the Islamic extremists, (that's extremist as in not normal, before any one starts broad brushing Muslims), hell bent on taking over the White House.

Than there is his wife Michelle who they have persistently try to portray as the angry black women spitting venom against poor innocent white people.

(side note: Last I checked the "angry black woman" was pissed with every one, in particularly black men, and since Barrack is still calling him self a black man I doubt Michelle qualifies as a angry black woman being that she is married to him)

Back to the subject at hand.

The New Yorker cover was mocking one of the few avenue of attacks that has been taken by the right against the Obama's.

The New Yorker in my opinion went with a joke that flew over a lot of peoples head.

In fact the people who seem do be offended by this are the ones who do not read publications like the New Yorker, and thus not recognize where they are going with this where they have always gone with their satire.

They trow an image up on the cover and instead of telling you what it means they let your mind wonder.

And that of course cause you to draw your own conclusions.

Which depending on your belief, morals and sense of humor, will either have you taking it for face value.

A critique of people who take it for face value.

Or generally get you thinking about something you were not thinking about before.

Knowing what the New Yorker means by it, requires you to open up the magazine.

Obama is a politic an and like all of his kind he can take his shots in the chin or in the back but he is going to take his shots one way or the other.

Because he is black does not exclude him from ridicule, mocking, or ribbing.

Now for some the issue is Michelle Obama who many feel has been unfairly targeted by both sides of media for no good reason.

I take it as a case by case basis.

The New Yorker no big deal.

this right here border line.

This one is straight up B%$&( regardless of the intent.

All politicians wives and family should be left out of the spot light unless they decided to jump in it them selves, , like Hilliary Clinton did when she was First lady.

All bets are off than.

It is debatable on if Michelle did this to her self or if the media dragged her into the mess as an easy target since her husband has become a Teflon Don of candidates when it comes to lampooning.

I say a little of both she is not the typical house wife, a career woman, an accomplished career woman at that who gave up her job for this role, and she has her own distinct opinions which she chooses to share with us.

The Obama's have also made this a "Team" campaign which you can argue has put her on the front lines.

And to a certain degree the two have been playing up the image of domineering house wife and "do boy" husband.

Your opinion on it tells more about your views than the publication.

The only thing I accuse the New Yorker of is beating a dead horse into the ground so that it pops up in China.