Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everyone Loves A Girl Fight.

I bet this only ups the ratings for women's basketball.

I'll Be honest with you I prefer women's college basketball over women's basketball over there pro game.

For some reason the WNBA is putting out in my opinion a very inferior product that gives women's basketball a bad name.

Cant put my finger on why but the college game is so much better.

This league has been on life support for a while now.

With out the NBA paying bills there is no WNBA, sell outs are hard to come by, major market teams do not dominate attention, inability to attract the attention of men who are not related to a player, the whole focus on "girls can play ball too" promo.

It all comes off as desperate, and desperate is never attractive.

But this right here will raise some eye brows, for all the wrong reasons of course in a business were when they stop talking about you, your done.

Now some one is going to point out Rick Mahorn touching Lisa Leslie, unfortunately the view from the camera made it impossible for me to see exactly what happened to her but I doubt he went after her, but the unwritten rule is you go after your own players not the opposing teams.