Monday, July 14, 2008

And the First Nominee for the Dumb A@# of the Year is: Yung Berg

This is pretty self explanatory right here, this is the fool placing the gun to the head of his career and squeezing.

WTF is this idiot talking about?


Brown gel?

And than the fool does it twice!!

Like nobody understood how stupid he sounded the first time.

I'm sorry what year is this?

We still picking cotton and cutting down sugar canes?

Did I miss something?

How in this day in age can you be on some color coded mess?

Every time I try to defend these young rappers some one hands a mic to the mentally challenged.

Now don't get me wrong most blacks go through "color" issues growing up, the product of being a minority in a predominately white society.

But you supposed to grow out of that mess and find some self pride, like around 13 or something if your slow.

I wish I could give him props for the apology but at this point you just sound stupid, like "but my best friend is black" stupid.

I cant speak about this ish no more I'm more mad about the fact I took time to type about it.

What the heck do I care I don't by his music.

There are others who do like the ones who by R. Kelly's jiont but not me.