Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 Down 2 to Go!

I am taking perverse pleaure in watching this go down.

As the pressure builds Kobe will take more shots and the rest of his team will turn into bystanders, and making the Celtics job easier.

But the Celtics need to do 3 things:

1- Close out the show, LA almost pulled it off in the 4Th quarter from 20 down. They pulled that stunt on the Spurs which means they can turn it on when they want. don't sleep on them.

2- Take the road games seriously! Steal one, hell sweep them LA can easily win 3 straight, leaving Boston down 3-2 and that give LA the punchers chance in game 6 and 7. Home court don't mean jack. Finish them.

3- Play team defense, Phil is already prepping the ref about foul calls in Boston which means he is looking to get the same for the Lakers in LA and he will get them. There was a huge foul difference between LA and opposing teams when playing in LA as opposed to the road. Stupid fouls will get the Celtics killed.

That being said GO CELTICS!