Wednesday, May 21, 2008

True Story 6: You Suck, Applebee!!

I always like to hit the streets to eat and drink with some friends to unwind.

There are certain spots I like and go regularly to for different reasons, happy hour, women, good food, good drinks, atmoshpere or just general uniqueness.

And there are spots that every one else loves but I hate, such as Applebee's or more specific "Club Applebee's" on Memorial Dr. in Decatur.

I hate that Mutha#@$.

I hate the fact that the place is packed all the damn time at all ours.

I hate that they are always understaff making you feel like when you order the New York strip they actually went to New York to get it.

I hate that they can F up a simple drink like an Apple Martini.

I hate that the waitress, wjo has been chilling, will look right at you when you are signally her for something an it is that exact moment that she has to take care of her other customer.

I hate that I have gone there three times expecting a different.

I hate you "Club Applebee's" on Memorial Dr.

You Suck!!