Tuesday, May 20, 2008

True Story 5: Getting some was more fun as a kid.

Is it me or was trying to get sex more fun as a kid?

I am not talking about the act of sex

but trying to get it.

To me as a kid growing up broke, with zero game the only thing you got going for yourself is that your a jock which dint mean jack because your at an all boys school, getting some is the stuff of legends.

A cross between Indiana Jones, Shaft, and Conan the Barbarian.

Now a days grown folks know that it's on the moment you look at each other, it becomes a matter of negotiating the proper price that is acceptable to both parties if you want to be blunt about it.

Dinner and movie, relationship, pay some bills, sweet lies what ever the price is, what ever makes you sleep guilt free at night.

As a kid though trying to figure out the opposite sex and trying to figure out what it takes to get in their pants is like trying to figure out the meaning of life.

The only thing your sure about is that the answer is some where between her legs.

And of course the mystery wouldn't leave you the hell alone, not with hormones running through your veins like hot lava, everything you looked at reminded you of sex......

The problem is that you have no clue how to get it, all you know is you want it.

As a kid you have no game, you are biting some one else's, and depending were you are getting it from it could be good or a disaster.

I can not speak for woman but as a man I now know that boys should never be left unchecked when it comes to the opposite sex.

Unsupervised boys and sex can go from simple hi jinx like an American Pie movie or something worse like Genralow Wilson, or even monstrous like this http://dunbarvillage.blogspot.com/.

Uneducated teenage sex can lead to STDs or unwanted pregnancy, rape and even murder.

That is why I always believed that boys should be kept on a short leash.

But this post isn't really about that it's about what I did putting my neck on the line to get some.

My mom was working third shift one weekend while I had a friend from school named Juan sleeping over.

Juan was a smooth player from Spain whose mother worked at the United Nations, we were as thick as thieves back than, and hanging out was a daily thing.

Anyway Juan knows this Italian girl in Astoria who has her friend sleeping over with her at her house.

Juan gets the idea we should pay them a visit at 12 AM in the morning, now at the time I was living at 56Th and Lexington Ave. So to get to her place we had to catch the LIR from Penn Station on 34 st, if I am not mistaken might of been Grand Central it's been a while, on the other side of Manhattan in 30 min to catch the last train out.

Now mind you were not thinking on how to get back, were thinking about getting some ass.

So after getting my younger brother to cover for us we sprint in the middle of the night across Manhattan to Penn Station.

Now this is back in the day were NYPD only needed one bullet to kill a black man, back than they were much better shooters.

So here I am a kid, black, chasing behind Juan a Spaniard, which means white, down the streets of New York, hiding around the corners every time we see the cops.

I couldn't even come up with a story good enough if we got caught.

We make the train in 30 min and arrive in Astoria sweating and stank.....

not even thinking about that and how it might offend the ladies, if we walked right out of the sewer we would still expect to get some loving.

Now it's about 1 AM when we get there, and were trekking through the neighborhood on some ninja style.

Reason being this also happens to be a few years after Yusef Hawkins was gunned down by the Italians in Brooklyn...

when he went over to look at a car he wanted to buy, as well as the racial attacks at Howard Beach.


Back when I was growing up in New York the "mosaic" city was always on the verge of a race war/riot......

Italians vs Irish vs Blacks vs Jews, vs Muslims vs Russians vs West Indians vs Arabs vs Latinos.

As a kid in high school you were guaranteed to participate in at least one semi racial riot/fight a year.

The crazy thing is that you might have real good friends of another race who you gave the "pass" to, but you damn sure knew were the lines were drawn.

And those line were usually drawn around neighborhoods.

Now Juan maybe as white as snow but those Italians wouldn't give a rats ass about that especially if he was hanging with me.

They would of called him a Puerto Rican to make it official and commenced to try to beat some ass.

So every time we see an Iroc driving down the street were jumping behind garbage cans and mess., we finally get there at her place which was one of those row houses

not really a brownstone.

The girl's room is on the first floor, so when we get there he taps on the window to let her know were here,(this is the age before every one owned a cell phone).

So she opens up and we sneak in through the window, now she was a cute little blonde, and her friend was a very cute Jamaican girl, not that it mattered because me and Juan had already discussed tag team action the only thing we knew is what we were going to do once we got a hold of those cats.......

well at least that's what we were thinking.

Her parents were sleeping upstairs so we kept it real quite, so after some quite conversation the party started, I am working on the Italian girl Juan is working the Jamaican, he has her bra off on the floor on one side of the bed, and and I have have the panties off on the other side, (I was having trouble with the bra).

I was butt naked trying to finish off that bra when we heard the front door, this girl starts to freak out and says it's her brother and for us to hide.

Now the first thought would of been the closet but it was dark and two the bed was right there, so I dive my skinny, (at the time), ass under the bed.

Well I guess Juan got the same idea because he is right next to me, shoulder to shoulder butt nakedness to butt nakedness.

So here we are a black and white kid butt naked under bed like were on a damn slave ship, with erections like rockets ready to launch that wont go limp to save our lives, chalk it up to the youth.

In the process of diving under the bed I scuffed the hell out of my penis, but all I could think about was "please don't let me get my ass whooped butt naked, maybe he will let us put our clothes on first?"

So big bro apparently had some friends sneak over to go use the family hot tub for there own debauchery, but he need something out of his sisters room for it, I have no idea what it was and what it was doing in her room.

All we here is a little bit of conversation about what is needed but she didn't know what it was so he walks into the damn room!

I know he went to the closet to get what ever it was with me Juan under the bed sweating thanking God we chose to hide under the bed, all the while not trying not to breath and give ourselves up.

Dude finally heads for the door but before he walks out he says you can tell those guys they can come out from under the bed, it's cool.

I damn near stroked out.

Like all young idiot with erections thus sucking more blood from the brain, we did not bother to cover our tracks, in this case our clothes that was still all over the damn floor.

My man walked out with out bothering to take a look at us but I could here him chuckling.

So Juan and I come slinking out from under the bed and like all good boys try to get back to action, but the girls was not having it. we were asked to leave (through the f#$@ing window) and told next time, which meant never.

We hike it back to the train station and had to wait on the platform for 2 hours for the trains to start running again, but the only thing I can think of is if i needed to get a tetanus shot for my penis, my mom was one of those who scared you with every disease she came across so of course I panic if some one sneezes across the damn street.

But if you asked me if I would do it again, hell yeah but this time I would get it!!

You see half of whats satisfying of sex for a man is the pursuit, the hunt, it feeds that primal part of the brain, hell sex really is just cream on the cake.

The ability to play like King Kong and beat your chest, (which I have done in the bedroom), after a conquest is the real goal.

That's the reason men fall asleep after sex, a hunt well done, if your a woman and the man you just had sex with wants to talk after words well maybe you need to think about somethings.

The point is that there is more to sex than sex.

I think.

At this point the rhum has taken over so I am mentally on E.