Monday, April 28, 2008

Year of the Golden Boy

They say you dont know what your missing till it's gone. Not this time I know exactly what I will be missing when Oscar De La Hoya, finally hangs up his glove after 2008.

I'll be missing a class act, a talented fighter, and a true champ.

Now I was never big on Oscar when he first came out, to many close calls, (Pernell Whitaker), and over hyped match ups, (An old Julio Ceaser Chavez), hell I thought the man was really a......

But no DHL the money man was not that, he fought them all just on his schedule, Sugar Shane, Bernard Hopkins, Vargas, Sweet Pea, Chavez, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tito Trinidad, Hector Camacho, Arturo Gatti, on and on, a whos who of boxing and broke open the bank while doing it.

He has moved on to icon status with people who never watched a boxing match knowing who he is. This Saturday starts the first of three fights before he calls it quits.

Now true his opponent Steve Forbes Saturday is highly overrated but game fighter fighting out of his weight class so I dont expect much of a threat.

But this is what you call a tune up fight before he takes on Floyd in a rematch. And Oscar has always done it his way. Despite the fact that boxing is full of talent under the heavy weight division DHL will still be missed. Thanks for the memories.