Monday, April 28, 2008

Because I couldnt say it better my self: Dafur

Electronic Village has a nice piece on on whats needed to be done in Dafur, Sudan.

I already posted that I am not watching the Olympics because of China "look the other way because my back yard is dirty to policy". But what China is doing is no different than what other nations including the U.S.A has done when we pick and choose questionable nations to do buisness with. China is shoring up allies and resources with a hands off policy when it comes to a nations internal politics, the same can be said about the U.S. and Saudia Arabia or Pakistan. It is a culture in international policy as a whole, to look the other way as long as you get what you want. Change comes from the grass root level with citizens demanding change. Imagine what South Africa would be like if every nation was allowed by it's citizens to look the other way.

Every one needs to get an earful about this, the politicians in this country, Big buisness, and the idiots in the IOC who thought it was a good idea to give China an Olympic birth in the first place.