Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Uppity Negro Award.

Can you recognize an Uppity negro?

It's usually the one that pisses people off with there arrogance and really does not care.

He or she is the one that breaks the rules and the norms and look at you like you are stupid for pointing that out.

People cant stand them yet cant leave them alone.

Everything that comes out of their mouths is a soundbite.

They take it and give it with a smile.

They do not mind a scrap, hell they seem to thrive on it.

They are polarizing.

They incite hate, envy, admiration, respect all at the same time.

Critics love them, they give them something to talk about.

Rivals want their heads.

They have armies of haters and supporters.

But what really gets the hater's goats is the fact they act like they do not care

what you think, damn that unless you jump in front of them they wouldn't know the

critics even existed.

That's what really drives people nutty,

There are almost no avenues to attack because they are good at what they do.

You have to wait for them to slip up and when they do hot damn they dominate the


I am not going to lie I got a soft spot for these characters, I am big on defiance.

And defiance is a key trait in these types.

I tend to put these nuts on my hero list.

And this past year we had a worthy list of characters to make waves in fact you can say there presence was a direct contributor to the racial tension that came out this past year.

Brother Omi of pointed out 50 incidents of nooses being put up this year.


You know your doing you job as an uppity negro when in this day and age people are

wishing for a lynching.

So this is my nominees an winner of the Uppity Negro Award.

6- Marion Jones


American's olympic darling.

With that crooked little smile the talented sprinter made millions while racking up medals.

This one here is a true merc.

She denied hard that she was on steroids, I mean hard core denial!

Threatened law suits and the whole nine.

Acted like her boyfriend/baby daddy did not exist when he got busted.

Played the role to the T till she got busted by the Feds.

Why she did not win:

I am sorry but Uppity Negroes go out with their guns blazing if they go out at all.

At the least a gruding "My Bad" will do.

You do not get on camera and cry in front of the world basically begging for

forgiveness after putting on a show like that!

Hell NO!

When she did that I was like hell no you lost all cool points with me.

There is no crying.

5- Mike Vick


What can I say about this dude?

Dog fighting from a million dollar athelete that had the planet eating out of his


Middle fingers, secret weed bottles, Ron Mexico.

Supreme talent.

Classic example of taking the cat out of the jungle but not taking the jungle out of the cat.

This man was straight hood.

Why he did not win:


What the hell are you running a criminal enterpise if your making millions of

dollars playing football?

Over denial.

Dude you got caught, your "boys" sold you out faster than a hooker on pay day.

And you steady lying and smoking weed.

That was just dumb and it has nothing to do with where you were raised.

4- Naomi Campbell


Seriously you have to ask why this negress made the list?

This beauty/super model/ business woman. is a hand full.

The woman pulls a Roger Clemons and beans her maid in the head with a cell phone

and gets 5 days community service for assault and battery and than turns the final

day into a fashion show.

Blames the incident on "her temper on lingering resentment toward her father for

abandoning her as a child".

That is a hell of a pair on her.

Why she did not win:

She is a light weight when compared to the others.

Besides she got busted.

3- Cynthia Mickinney


This one here is one of my favorites.

She is on here mostly for her body of work:

After all that she is running for president:

And I am of half of mind to vote for her if she gets on the ballot.

I voted for her every time she ran in Gerogia.

She spoke the truth while everyone else were caught up in kissing the Bush

adminstrations butt.

The Republicans in Dekalb county ,her district, actually joined the Democratic party

just to vote against her for the democratic ticket!

Thus leading to that puppet Dennise Majette's win.


Hell I was upset when she left for California, but how can I stay mad at her.

She is my lady.

Why she did not win:

Well other than running for President she has been real quite, thats all.

2- Barry Bonds


Another favorite, few are able to draw lines with out trying like he does.

The poster boy for arrogance, defiance, and the steriod era.

The press has a vendetta against him just because he doesnt give a rats ass what

they think.

He is the total package of an Uppity Negro Athelete.

I bet you we wont see him crying on camera.

Why he did not win:

This one was a tough one, the only flaw is the verdict is still out on if he will do

time or not.


Rev. Al Sharpton


Damn what people say I like Al.

Don Imus, Jena Six, the Knicks, if there is a camera and a mic and a issue he is

there telling people what "we" think.

Good God the man is trying to block Chicago from getting the Olympics because their

cops are crooked.

And I am with him on that.

No one inspires hate like he does from both black and white, he is a polarizing


But guess what?

You Will Miss Him when he is gone.

When know one else is willing to get up and say something and force people to listen.

Know one puts on a show like he does.

Act like you do not know if you want to, but he is the reason Imus lost his gig.

I'll take him in in the trenches any day of the week.

He is the hands down winner.

Honarable mention to: Jemele Hill, 50 cents, Genarlow Wilson, and T.I.