Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do Not Drink The Kool Aid 3: AG Will not Rule Yet On Torture

From the AP: Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused Tuesday to be rushed into deciding whether he considers waterboarding a form of torture, saying simply he understands the "intense interest"in the issue now at the heart of an inquiry into video taped interrogations of terror suspects that were destroyed by the C.I.A.

In his first news conference, Mukasey relied on his nearly two decades as a federal judge to push back on questions about his thoughts on waterboarding, much as he had done with senators who asked before voting to confirm his nomination Nov 8.

Mukasey he has yet concluded a review of Justice Department memos to determine whether waterboarding amounts to torture, which would deem it illegal.

He needs to review Justice Department memos to decide if this

is torture?

Well hell, I can understand that.

I mean to me it looks like these men are just teaching this fellow here how to swim on land.

Faced covered.

With his hands tied.

While answering questions.

I mean if he answers the questions they'll let him up and he go knowing that he is a better swimmer because of this and if God decides to pull another Katrina and let it rain 40 days and 40 nights he will be well prepared.

What the hell is every body upset about?

This is democracy at it's best, we are spreading the gospel of freedom and love by teaching the rest of the world how to swim.

On land.

With there hands tied.

Faced covered.

While answering questions.

And of course the possibility of catching a bullet to the head if you answer to many wrong.

I understand the Attorney Generals reluctance to rush to conclusions.

Mean while back on Planet Earth:

What the hell!?

Is this where my tax dollars go to?

Is this why I voted, so those Representatives can vote this Mukasey in so he can say some mess like that?

So they can turn some dude upside down and clean out his lungs with H2O and than look the world dead in the eyes with the straight face and say well technically this is not torture?

I feel safer already.

I mean there is the chance that some one may want to get pay back for this and I might be caught in the middle of the war ideologies but hell it's all about democracy, freedom and safety right.

Here is my word of advice don't drink the koolaid.