Friday, December 28, 2007

The Boondocks

I am sorry Mr. Aaron McGruder but you sold out.

Ever since you gave of up the comic strip, you been shucking and jiving.

You missed out on Jena Six, Michael Vick, West Virgina, Iraq, Barry Bonds, the hanging of nooses fad, Al Sharpton, so on and so forth.

We could of used your voice for those, your commentary I believe would of put things in light to the same audience that breeze by these issues, but look for your comic strip.

In stead you went with the money.

Its obvious now, the show has turned into a sorry sitcom.

There is no social commentary going on here, just cheap laughs.

Whats with the heavy handed use of the N word?

Whats up with all the kung fu?

Not that you have any positive portrayals of black men on the show but how come there are no recurring characters of black women let alone positive ones?

Where are the lessons at the end of the episodes?

The show has turned into a new version of blaxpoiltaion film.

I dont see anything worth saving here.

You turned into the same people you critque.

The South Park show has more integrity than your.

South Park!

They should of strangled that sick puppy a while ago!

But here you are selling the same B.S., feeding the Zombies.

At least Dave Chappelle got out before it got worse.

Man you sold the hell out faster than a half priced iPhone.

I do not know qhat I am going to do with you but I know I am not drinking any more of your Kool Aid.

Last nerve

Come the fuck on!