Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is a vendetta You can not convince me other wise. This is not about steroids, the sanctimony of baseball or even perjury. This about The government out to put a "nigger" in his place. The government after 4 years of investigations decided to indict Bonds on perjury charges, a sentence that could get him 30 years in prison.

The lie you ask?

The lie was, to paraphrase was i did take steroids but at the time I did not know that it was steroids.

30 years for that.

Lets put this in perspective Victor Conte the owner of BALCO the company that conceived, manufactured and distributed the drug. Got 4 month and dropped dime on all his clients in the process. You know what that looks like to me? That looks like a crack dealer getting caught in his own dope house loaded with cash and drugs, getting off with probation while the crackhead (Bonds) gets thrown under the jail. Not in it, under it! Tell me how does that make sense.

Still not convinced?

Lets try this, Mark McGwuire, Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy (no speaka english this time) Sosa all went to congress and denied, lied, and refused to answer the question. None of them will be on trial. Palmeiro looked everyone in the eye pointed his finger and said "I have never used Steroids!". Than mister integrity gets busted later that year with performance enhancing drug in his system!! Again not on trial.

Mind still not blown?

Lets try this, Victore Conte gave over a 100 names of his clients who were on the stuff, some were paraded in front of prosecutors to give testimony but we never heard the names. Yet everything about Barry Bonds gets leaked all over the media. Why is that? Where are the 100 and more jocks on that list?

NAAAAW partner there is only one reason the FEDS spent 6 million dollars to go after Bonds.

They don't like his SWAGGER.

You read it right.

Bonds has to much attitude for a negro given the privilege to entertain the white masses.

Bonds does not sign autographs.

Bonds does not jump when the press tells him to.

Bonds has the nerve to cheat on his at the time white wife.

Bonds is chasing Aarons home run record (the most overrated record in sports).

Bonds is ungrateful.

Bonds is an asshole.

That's why the FEDS want a piece of his black ass people, that is why we are watching them bend and twist the law to get what they want. They want to put the nigger in his place.

They want more than what they got out of Marion Jones. You remember her don't you? America's crooked tooth darling who was shocked and disgusted by her than boy friend and a ex husband dropping dime on her for steroids. The one who vowed to fight the FEDS allegations she was on the juice tooth and nail. Saw what happened to her? All in front of the camera crying her eyes out begging for mercy.

Believe me the FEDS liked Jones, what do you think they'll do to Bonds.

Now some of you saying so what he is a jerk who had it coming.

Really? He was that bad that we will stop and watch the people who enforce the laws damn near break it to go after him, because they don't like him? We shouldn't care huh? You remember that when the cops pull you over, shoot your love one down in the streets, give you time for a crime you did not commit, put your missing child on the back pages of the news paper, remember that.

The lynchings are still going on boys and girls there just so sophisticated that we don't know its going on.