Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deal Breaker 11: Colorism

I was at a lounge spot talking it up with this pretty lady over some drinks.

We were seated near the window so we could see passerby as we talked, the conversation was OK she mostly talked about her job as a corporate of some company I already forgot.

Actually I think she said she was a manager at a prominent hospital here in Atlanta.

Ask me, from what she described, the title "secretary" came to mind.......

.......but hey what do I know.

I kind of tune out when women start talking about their job or listing off their resume as a conversation piece anyway, I'm not hiring you for a job lady.

Actually I guess you could say I am hiring you for a job.....just not one that requires a Masters degree;)

Well.....actually if you have a Masters degree in the type of job I'm hiring for that would be a good thing;)

Wait a sec.......if your that good then I'm start questioning how the hell did you get your credentials:(

My bad........I digress......

Anyway were sitting there chatting when a young dark skinned women walks by the window from the outside, and the lady I'm with, in an attempt I guess to be witty comments on how "black" she is.

But she says it in a way that you get the impression that she is only half joking.

My mood changed with the quickness, there are certain things a women can say or do that just kills it right then and there for me, ain't no going back from that point on.

Noticing color in any negative way is one of them, to me that's the sign of a simple mind.

It tells me you got some self image issues going on with you so you take the opportunity to feel good about your self by stepping on what you perceive to be a flaw in someone else.

I cant say why it annoys me the way it does but it irks me to know end.

Maybe because I see the stupidity in it, for instance this woman was only a shade lighter then the one who walked by.

It's like, are you serious?

A couple minutes in the sun and your as dark as she is.

It's like those light skin women who talk about dark skin women but get all quiet when a white woman walks into the room.

All of a sudden they want to let out the inner Black Panther.

Or like a friend of mine who prefers redbone women, he marries one whose mother cant stand his ass.


You guessed it, he is as black as the ace of spades.

Funny, no?

Then there are those who like to point to the part of their skin that's usually cover up by clothing like the upper arm and say that is what your real color is not the part that has been exposed to the sun.


Is that right doctor?

Maybe if you lived in a cave all of your life like some animal wallowing in your own muck and suck on blood then yes...

........yes I can see how that is supposed to be your true skin color.

But for us HUMAN beings that prefer to walk up right in the sun the tan part is are true color.

It's all silly but it rubs me the wrong way.

So anyway I point out to her that she is not that light and she then tells me some what offended that she is not black like that and responds to my sun comment with I walk outside with an umbrella when it's hot.

Really now?

You walk outside with an umbrella during the summer so you wont get dark?

Yeah, that was pretty much it right there, I kept the convo light and made my exit after my last drink not bothering to exchange numbers.

No need pretending about it.

Deal Breaker.