Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good News Tuesday:CEO of Dodge Car Brand, Chrysler Group LLC Ralph Gilles

First let me say that there certain brands I just wont support.

I do not do Nike despite how good their product is cause I don't like their business practice.

I don't do Starbucks cause they are HIGHLY overrated with their coffee.

And with the exception of Chevy trucks I do not do American cars, just not reliable, I do not care how cheap the parts are I should not have to be seeing a mechanic in less than a year for major work and I damn sure shouldn't have to buy special equipment to work on it my self.

Why the hell should I have to flip the engine to change spark plugs?

And the bottom of the barrel of American brands are Chrysler, Dodge and that despicable Pontiac.

In case of the first two, I don't know how those brands are still in business, after earlier this year, I thought they were done for.

But in a move that might just save their butts the company put in place some one who actually knows how to design cars, Ralph Gilles.

From Black Entreprenuers:

Ralph V. Gilles was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer, Dodge Car Brand, Chrysler Group LLC, October 2009, with full profit and loss responsibility for the Dodge car product portfolio. He continues to lead Product Design as Senior Vice President, a position he was named to in June 2009.

Previously, he was named Vice President – Design on Sept. 1, 2008.

Since first joining the former Chrysler Corporation in 1992 as a designer, Gilles has put his extensive academic background in industrial design and business administration to use, holding various positions within the company, including:

2009, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dodge Car Brand, and Senior Vice President – Product Design, Chrysler Group LLC
2009, Senior Vice President – Product Design
2008, Vice President – Design, Chrysler LLC
2006, Vice President – Jeep®/Truck, Color and Trim Studios, and Specialty Vehicles, Chrysler Group, DaimlerChrysler
2005, Director – Truck Exterior/Interior Design Studio
2001, Director – Design Office, Large Car Studio, Family Vehicles
1999, Senior Manager – Design Office, Studio 3
1998, Manager – Design Office, Jeep Interiors, Chrysler Corporation
1992, Designer – Design Office
Gilles is extremely active inside and outside the company. He serves as the Executive Sponsor of the Chrysler African American Network (CAAN) in addition to playing a leading role with The Chrysler Global Diversity Council. He also serves on the Boards of The Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Mich. and The Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital Regional Medical Center in Pontiac, Mich. At his alma mater, The College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Gilles serves on The Advisory Board of The School of Industrial Design and on The CCS Capital Committee.

The man has a long hard road ahead of him trying to make cars that appeal to the public as well as break the perception of American automotive incompetence.

But you got to start some where.

I don't know how much pull he really has but besides making a good car he should look into going electric.