Monday, October 19, 2009

Mathematical Dysfunction

Take one 15 year old girl.

Add 18 year old boy.

Divided by 18 year old boy's 18 year old girlfriend.

And get 15 year old girl with a slashed face.

I wish I could feel sorry for the kid but I cant, hell wish I could say I am angry about it all but not really.

I am cold as ice to these things like this.

I can only see what should be done.

1- get the parents more involved

2- mentoring for kids

3- helping women to deal with anger better

4- telling women not to put everything they have in a man

5- get fathers involved in their daughters lives so they don't seek out what there missing in older boys arms

6- tell men to stop preying on young girls

7- anger management

And that's with out knowing all the details.