Sunday, September 20, 2009

Glad I Didnt Pay For This........

I was supposed to go to a sports bar to see this but at the last minute a friend decided to have the fight at his house so all it cost me was a 12 pack.

And even than I feel I got ripped off.

I am so disgusted with Floyd it's not funny.

First he has the audacity to come in over weight, he has an advantage in size, and speed, he knocks him down in the second, and still he allow him to go the distance.

The distance?

I take my hat off to him on his technical brilliance, Juan had no chance against him but anyone who who has followed Floyd through his career knew that.

The action here was trying to figure out when the knock out was supposed to happen.

But Mr. Play It Safe decides he is going to pot shot Juan for 12 rounds even after dropping him in the second.

Some would say that he was showing his technical skills but there is a difference between a defensive fighter and one who is playing not to lose.

At some point fans are going to have to get wise and say this guy is not worth the money unless he gets in there with a real threat.

An to be honest I don't see Manny Pacquiao as that threat.

Which is what this "tune-up" fight was supposed to lead up to, a match up against Manny, the most exciting fighter out right now.

I love Manny but this is a suckers bet against Floyd, you can only give up so much weight, and size against another man while both having equal skills.

As much as I despise Floyd right now the odd are in his favor and more importantly he is the type of person who will not get in that ring unless he has all the angles covered.

Fighters are going to have to get smart and pass on this dude till he starts paying up 50/50.