Thursday, July 2, 2009

Im Feeling These Lunch Dates.

For some one who is supposed to be wishing all women a serious case of swine flu like yeast infections I damn sure find myself in their company a lot.

Ive been doing the lunch date thing quite a bit lately.

Monday I took, will call her...Ms. K, to lunch at Moe's.

Nice little semi Mexican spot with good food in Decatur.

Ive knew her through a neighbor she was staying with were always hanging out in front of our building like it's a New York corner so we new each other casually.

She is chocolate skin, full lips with puffy cheeks, she has the type of eyes that squint up when she isn't wearing her glasses but she looks real good with frames on.

We were chilling and I decided to ask her out for lunch which she agreed to, you see when you do the lunch thing it is like a pre date date.

When you take out some at night there is the understanding that this is a getting to know you date to see what road we are taking which should lead straight to the bed.

For some women knowing the end goal can be like a knowing the end of a book or a movie, basically they'll get around to reading or watching it when they feel like it.

But the lunch date?

Aha, now that right there is my opportunity to see what type of woman you are first cause in the middle of the day your not thinking about how the night is going to end your thinking about how the day ends.

It's like that movie were the guy masturbates before going out with a woman, joke if you want but that is the truth, bust one before you go out and you will be shocked how attentive and patient you are with a woman no matter how hot she is.

So that's what the lunch date feels like your more paying attention to what this lady is about and I did find out a bit.

The conversation was smooth going over some nachos and cold fruit juice, which was well need considering how hot it was that day.

She not too long ago separated from her husband who was cheating on her, leaving her three sons in his custody, that's why she was crashing at her cousin and his girl's house till she got back on her feet.

She got married at 16 is now 28, and never worked a day in her life and is currently unemployed, (not a good look), and has no intention of going back to him, (I understand that), but does plan on getting married again, (wont be me) and having another kid, (damn sure it wont be me).

Plans on going back to school, (good) for medical billing, (not good), she has a tongue ring, (freak), smokes weed, (don't care), drinks, (welcome to the club), sleeps all day, (problem), and hinted at being bisexual, (JACKPOT!!).

She seems like a nice woman but truth is I am just going through the motions, I'm still shell shocked from the go around with the ex so i have been giving women big talk and no action.

I ain't going to bust a grape with her, and I knew it going in, but I figure if I get back in the saddle I'll be flying down the trail in no time.

So I'll probably be posting a lot more of these day light rendezvous, but hey I got nothing better to do.