Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monkeys with Guns 8

I was going to kick off what I thought was a great Wordless Wednesday by making it about art appreciation and basically asking what the piece meant to the viewer.

But unfortunately I live in a country were assholes rule the land and dominate the mind.

And those assholes protect their rule with guns.

I controlled my self long enough to save this post for today as opposed to posting it Tuesday and ruining my Good News Tuesday series.

But I got to get it out because when you hold things like this in that how innocent people catch it when you inadvertently snap.

Lets take this incident with a baboon.

How do you explain that?

How do you rationalize this?

How the hell does anyone make sense of this?

This ape just pulled a public execution of an unarmed man while he was laying face down in front of witnesses?

Did he actually think he was going to get away with this?!

I don't care what those kids were doing, and I am inclined to believe that they might have been up to no good by just being my cynical self.

That is no excuse.

I want to see the cops try to take this to trial.

I want some one to fix their mouths and try to explain this for anything than what it is cold blooded murder.

I thought I was watching war footage from Gaza.

And of course this video reminded me of this next one.

I stayed away from this because I wanted to think and mull over this free from anger, free the bile of hate that swelled up in me when I first saw this.

I wanted to think about this clear of thought so that I wouldn't have the urge to attack the first white person I saw, who I may have thought slighted me triggering the event.

But I am still angry, I still want to hurt some one, badly.

I still want to hurt any one who looks like them and hurt anyone who associates with anyone who looks like them be they black, man, or woman.

Every time I think I have it under control something else triggers it.

Like when you say the word war.

War implies that two organized armed sides struggling against each other over something.

It implies that those black men knew they were being hunted.

It implies that they had a fighting chance.

It implies that after days of going without food and water, and trying to stay alive that these men banded together and decided to invade a town to rape and pillage it!

This is not what happened here, this was an organized hunting party whose only purpose was to kill anything that did not look like them.

This was mob justice, murder, massacre, there are a whole lot of things you can call it but war is most definitely not one of them.

This was a bunch of murders who looked at another human being and made the decision that there lives were worth less than a fucking dogs.

Than my anger rises again as I watch them sit back in their arrogance, and brag about it as if it were no different from hunting a deer in the forest.

On camera!

If they thought they could get away with it trust me when I say that some of them would have had a black man's head hanging on their wall as a trophy.

But no even for them that would be too much, best leave the bodies in the river to rot.

Damn whoever might be looking for them.

Damn if some one might miss them.

No I cant give you any rational for this.

Only thing I can suggest is to see about signing the online petition at Color Of Change here.

That's all I got to say about it.