Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good News Tuesday:Chess Federation Lands Grant

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Lands Community Grant

While many of the country's educational programs are seeing funding cuts, in light of the recession, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) has received a community grant.

According to ThugLifeArmy, the unique project, focused on outreach of under served communities, was chosen by the Mitchell Kapor Foundation for funding.

"This community grant will allow us to take our first steps toward making this a coast-to-coast teaching/learning community," said the HHCF's Founder Adisa Banjoko. "If we are going to promote unity and non-violence in our schools and communities, we need to bring educators together to build a playbook of classroom strategies."

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is a non-profit organization that fuses music, chess and martial arts together to promote unity, strategy and non-violence.

Now this is a positive twist to community activism, that was recognized for it's out side the box thinking.

Something that is sorely lacking when dealing with community problems.

I like playing chess, I used to get to do that at my old job with the patients, the best players were the ex-cons, I guess if you have all that time on your hands you get to play a lot.

With this you introduce a game that requires you to sit your butt down and think and plan ahead.

Add the fact that your teaching it to kids to keep them out of trouble and it's a plus.

People never fully grasp the concept that children are the future until of course it's too late.

Like say when it's your social security check that comes up short in your old age because not enough people are working.

That's of course because your crooked ass done locked up half the population, while the other half works it's self to death trying to undo the short sighted solutions that are now major problems that you called your self "helping" with.

Than it kind of sinks in right about the time your trying to find money for your medication.

Yeah....that's about right

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