Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Diversity Ink

Before I forget yours truly has been given an opportunity to participate in a new blog called Diversity Ink.

Diversity Ink is a blog that touches on a variety of race matters. You'll read about not only our personal experiences, but our takes on current events, pop culture, and other topics that have a racial angle.

I think in light of the new President there should be more of an opportunity to speak openly about racial matters at all times.

Because as much as we like to say a "change has come" the truth is that on an individual basis things are very much the same.

So I would like all readers, lurkers and who ever else is out there to take the time to visit Diversity Ink and leave your two cents on matters that effect us all in this new era.

Incidentally my first post on their will be Thursday, I will be posting about street/sexual harassment and what it mean to as a black man.

See you there.