Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday Night.

Manny Pacquiao took apart Oscar De La Hoya in under 9 rounds, the fight was so lopsided that I couldn't blame Oscar for not answering the bell.

He took a beating, from what I saw on the Internet.

Whats that you say?

Why was watching the last big fight of the year, and Oscar's last fight on his way to retirement on the net instead of live on at the bar like every one else?

Well I am glad you asked, you the plan was to go to Scores on Wesley Chapel and watch the fight among fight fans.

That was the plan, but I made the mistake of answering my cellphone, cause hear is old Ex asking me where am I?

See Friday night she texts me her friend is performing at Taboo 2 over on Roswell Rd Saturday and would I come out and support her?

I said yeah sure, not really thinking about it cause I was already tired and I wanted to sleep.

Well here we are Saturday night and I am explaining to her that I am not going to make it because I had planned to catch the fight before I texted her.

She tells me that they are going to show the fight at Taboo too and if I come now I can get in free.


Are you sure?

Yeah she tells me.

And that's were the BS started, I cancel with the fellas and head over there.

First off it was a pain in the butt to find, it sits right off the 285N exit but for some reason I kept passing it so I was going up and down the street for about 30 minutes before I found it all the while she is text me where am I at.

I get to the door and since it's after 9 I got to pay 20 to get in where it would of only been 10 at Scores, that's OK I am here for the fight.

I get in and meet up with her and her friends which turns out there are a bunch of them there, I say my hellos and make my way to the bar.

They got this live band playing with a male and female singers who were pretty good, they were covering the classics and the new hits.

While I am drinking my Hennesy and chasing it with Heineken that when I noticed things, the place was packed with women, a lot of women.

I am thinking never seen this many women for a fight before, especially all dressed up, but hey they got the band and and what is supposed to be an open mic so i guess that's why they are here, pretty slick by the manager I say.

Most places I go to during fight night are loaded with men, you will see plenty of women, but while in normal settings women are the center of attention in a sports bar it's the sport and the men that take up time and space.

But than I notice that while there is a lot of TVs there is no big screen, OK now we have a problem, ain't no place worth their salt showing a fight is not going to have a big screen to show it one, hell that can cause a fight right there.

I start to get antsy, I ask the bartender whats up with the fight and he says there not showing it.


I have been duped, I pull old girl to the side who by now is tipsy off me buying drinks and ask her for an explanation.

She say well they had all these TVs there they were showing football so she figured they were going to show the fight too.



I wanted to snatch the drink out her hands and throw it in her face, I was so hot right than.

Instead I go back to the bar salty as hell, cause I know by the time I find a spot that's showing the fight it will be over or I wont be able to get in.

I collected my self, took a seat and watched all the activities not even talking to any of the women, who were in fine form might add, because I am not in the mood at this stage of the night.

A couple of shots of Hen I am loosening up when I find out that her buddy isn't actually performing, but is trying to get them to let her perform.

To top it off these characters decide to sneakily pass out fliers to the patrons to an event she will be performing at in the Atrium, basically poaching the bands fan base.

Well that was it for me I decided to head back to the crib and maintain my buzz in front of the TV set.

That was it right, I paid me tab and dipped.

So that was my Satrurday 75% sucked 25% cool.

But about the fight!

Congrats to my man Manny Pacquiao, I thought that he was giving up to much weight to Oscar but he beat that De La Hoya like he owed him money.

On one side I am glad Manny one and hope he decides to drop back down in weight, and on the other side I feel bad for oscar who is going to retire under these circumstance, (not too bad though, it seems that all the fighters that beat him all of a sudden wind up working for him, hhhmmmmm).