Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deal Breaker 3: Nasty House.

Now growing up if you didn't have sisters you would be under the mistaken impression that girls were "sugar and spice", as I was growing up.

Hell my mind was completely blown the first time a woman farted in front of me.

It was just me and her but I thought I did it, that's how twisted I was.

So when I started dealing with women everything in my world got turned upside down, and I have accepted some things.

Some things, except a nasty house.

Now I am not talking about clutter or sloppy.

I am talking about dirty, nasty, filthy, smelly.

That's what I am talking about.

That I can not tolerate.

I understand coming in the house and throwing your close on the couch.

I understand a couple of dishes in the sink.

But I don't understand me going to your bathroom and seeing used tampons bloody side up in the trash.

I don't understand food left out uncovered.

I don't understand unflushed toilets.

And whats crazy is that when you see some of these women they will be fresh to death.

Nope that is a deal breaker.