Monday, October 6, 2008

Police Lieutenant in Taser Case Commits Suicide

I posted about this Taser death hear.

This is what happened to the cop who gave the order.

Police Lieutenant in Taser Case Commits Suicide

A New York City police lieutenant who gave the order to fire a Taser stun gun at a man who then fell to his death in Brooklyn committed suicide at Floyd Bennett Field early on Thursday, law enforcement officials said. The lieutenant, Michael W. Pigott, a 21-year veteran of the force, had been placed on modified assignment without his gun and badge after he gave the order to a sergeant to fire the Taser at a Bedford-Stuyvesant man, Iman Morales.
Mr. Morales, naked and with apparent signs of emotional disturbance, fell to his death from a building ledge after an officer shot him with the Taser, at the instruction of Lieutenant Pigott. Mr. Morales had been yelling at passers-by and swinging a long light bulb tube at officers before he fell.

Now I am not sure how I feel about this, lets say I believe that there is not some other issues involved in Pigott's life that led him to take his own life, (and I dont believe that, he must of had other issues going on), should the cop still be alive?

Yes but so should Mr. Morales.

Is it a fair trade?

There is no fair trade when it comes to the loss of life.

Could have been prevented, maybe, I dont believe a New York city cop is going to feel that much shame that he offs himself knowing his friends in blue get away with murder all the time.

So I say he had other concerns, but again I dont know the man.

What I am pretty sure is that if Mr. Morales was alive than Officer Pigott might still be here to, and that all goes back to the Monkeys with Guns not doing there jobs.

RIP to both Morales and Pigott, and peace to both there families.