Friday, October 10, 2008

The I's have it.

I got this little game from Eb The Celeb

The I's Have It.

I am not: the type to settle down.

I hear: The Man Who Said No-Bettye Swann

I regret: Not buying stock in Haliburton's crooked ass.

I care: about the welfare of others.

I always: find a way to make it happen.

I long to: travel the world.

I feel alone: in a crowd.

I hide: the fact that I hate the world right now.

I drive: like it Sunday all the time.

I sing: because Im happy, cause I am blue, cause Im angry.

I dance: when no ones looking.

I write: because I wont say it out loud.

I breathe: because Im a lucky SOB.

I play: to win.

I miss: being young.

I search: happyness.

I say: what I mean.

I feel: like fighting.

I succeed(ed): not giving up.

I fail(ed): when I lose interest.

I dream: of adventure, romance, and death.

I sleep: to regroup.

I wonder: how life got so boring.

I want: time to slow down but the world to speed up.

I worry: That it was all for nothing.

I have: too much time on my hands.

I give: the shirt off my back.

I fight: for whats right.

I am: The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor.

I can’t: Till next year.

I stay: looking for something new.

I will: get it together in the end.

I can: Cynical.

I would: go green if it was cheap.

I might: adopt.

I like: good laugh.

I love: good sex.

I smile: rarely.

I frown: all the time.

I read: blogs

I work: to get the money.