Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr. Blackenstien: Building the perfect woman. (Part 2)

The Body.

This one is my favorite.

Lets start from head to toe.

Angela Bassett's eyes

I can look in to those all day.

Lisa Nicole Carson's lips

I can kiss those Ole watermelon lips all day, than she can kiss me right............will leave it at that.

Toccora's smile

It's relaxing like a cool glass of water on a hot day.

But if your smart you wont let it fool you.

Sonya Sohn's voice

Soothing to the ear, she can talk it up and talk you right to sleep.

Sing with emotion like Nina Simone.

You can feel it when she sings every single emotion.

Serena William's body

The things that I would do to that body are not fit for print in any country and will guarantee you a first class ticket to hell if spoken out loud.

Now I couldn't find any celebrities toes that I liked, for some reason there all jacked up, so I'll take these

I have no preference on skin tones but since I am a mad scientist I would give her the ability to change colors and go from this....

to this...

It would be like having more than one woman, it's like cheating with out cheating.

Be like " Baby I feel like chocolate today why dont you go play out in the sun."

Hair, nose, are unimportant to me she can get a wig, and as long as her nose is not as big as her face it can be flat like a panckake or long as a bird beak.