Monday, August 4, 2008

Dr. Blackenstien: Building the perfect woman. (Part 1)

Lets have some fun.

Say I was a mad scientist.....

....disillusioned with women kind, to the point that I decided to create the perfect mate.

I would have to consider the three temples as my molds to fill out and cook.




Lets gather the ingredients for each one by picking out the trait of some women that I admire, lust after, fear, worship.

Starting with the mind.

I like Naomi Campbell’s swagger, the woman knows how to draw attention to her self.

I would just tone it down a lot.

A WHOLE LOT, I'm talking about wrap that nutty cookie in a straight jacket type tone down.

Jemele Hill's sports knowledge

Whats better than to debate about who is the best pound for pound, which team is over rated, which player is under rated and than you get to sleep with the person your arguing with.

Thats like a bonus with your pay check.

Sommore's sense of humor

What is a woman with out a sense of humor and witty conversation, and a dirty mouth?

Not one I want to hang around with.

Provided she knows exactly when to curse, it should be a high light to a good conversation not the opening line or the norm.

Unless were talking about the bedroom, there it should be used freely and often.

Pam Grier's style

When was the last time you saw her and she wasn't sharp?

True her looks are so good that you can put a canvas sack over her covered in brillo pads and it will look good.

But it's the woman who makes the clothes not the clothes that makes the woman.

N'Bushe Wright's grace

She always has it together, very measured.

Michelle Obama's Charm

I havent heard a bad thing out of her mouth yet, she is always sharp minded, smiling and convincing, how can you dislike her?

Oprah's business savvy

What man doesn't want a piece of that pie?

Ebony Ayes' freakishness.

Do I even have to explain this?

Let me do so anyway, every one wants a Michelle Obama on the streets but in the bedroom you want an Ebony.

That takes care of the mind, some of the selections are a tough fit, I am not sure how I could mix a Naomi and a Michelle together and not have it blow up the lab, but lets say it works for now.

Next Week the Soul.