Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pet Peeves 2: The Active Hater

You know who I cant stand, the active hater.

The active hater is the hater who takes action against you with their hate.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that she was having problems with a group of women at work, I asked what the problem was and she goes on about how they talk about her behind her back, smile in her face, and intentionally disrupt her work, the serious part to me.

That's messing with the money.

She is the sensitive type who has to have every one like her and she must please every one, so this is playing on her mind.

Some real high school ish.

Now women can be catty sometimes especially with each other.......

...so I chalk it up to that and tell her to let it go.

She of course cant, and wants some advice on what to do.

What made her think I could give her advice on this subject that wouldn't involve some type scene is beyond me.

So I keep it simple and answer her by asking her a question.

Why do you give a f^%$?

Your intelligent and educated, which puts you ahead of the curve since most people are one or the other but rarely both.

You are attractive, there are men who are willing to give up a testicle to spend the night with you.

You have your own car, new.

Your own house.

You make serious money in a profession that if you quit tomorrow you would probably wind up with a better paying job the day after.

You have family that cares about you.

You have real friends that are loyal.

You have happiness.

Why are you sweating some back biters?

All you have to do is put some extra twitch in it when you walk away so they know exactly were to kiss you at.

Shrug them off, if it's that serious, tell the broads to step outside one by one and beat the ish out of them.

But why let women who are the definition of the B word stress you out and put you one step closer to the grave?

Tell them F you and move on.

But of course Ms. Nice Lady cant do anything like that.

So she will be back at work miserable trying to please some trolls that she should be slapping around.

I don't have the patience for that type of ish, the hater, some punk smiling in your face but running your name in the mud behind your back and even worse intentionally undermining you.

He or she doesn't like you for what ever reason and not only has to let every one know this but has to throw some major salt in your game.

Fine with me hate away, I am not above hating my self, some people need to be hated on because they only spread hate themselves, but do not try to stop my flow.

That's the type of ish that calls for war.

Stay in your weight class punk.

And you know whats funny?

The blogosphere is full of this high school B.S.

Oh I don't like her comments so I am going to get every one to ignore her, I cant his opinion so I am going to talk about him, I don't like her organization so I wont join and Ill convince other not to either.

Are you serious?

How old are some of the people out there?

I don't know whats worse the the online haters or the people who let these online sissy's upset there day.

How do grown people become and be victim of cyberbullys?

No scratch that cyberpunks.

Or better yet cyber......

Some lame sitting behind a keyboard, lord knows were, looking like lord knows what, talking smack about you.

Bump that, if you want to hate, hate from the sidelines.

In fact let me take this time to tell all my haters to kiss mine.

As a matter of fact if any one feels like telling some hater to kiss it please feel free to use my comment section to do it.

Don't hold it in, that will kill you, tell them they suck, if your too nice than tell them The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor said to kiss HIS a#$!

That is just another of many Pet Peeves of mine.