Friday, July 11, 2008

OSF: Old School Hip-Hop

This week's Theme is right up my ally, I was looking for the ones you dont hear to often any more as opposed to the more popular tracks.

Big Ole Butt by LL Cool J

I liked LL's earlier work before he over did it with the Don Jaun act.

Jazz Thing by Gang Starr

One of the more under rated groups during this time.

Primo is a beat genius, and Guru was always on time with the ryhme, this is one of the groups were the DJ and MC were on equal levels.

Burn Hollywood Burn by Public Enemy

P.E. beats were a sonic blast in your ear Before Flava of Love Flava was and probably still is the greatest hypeman ever.

Chuck D took no shorts on the mic, and Terminator X was a cut master supreme.

Two of my favorite MC's at the time are in this one Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane.