Monday, July 21, 2008

Monkeys with Guns: Cops and their Tasers.

I mean seriously, WTF is wrong with the cops?

I mean I know they have it tough but come the hell on, a blind woman?

What the hell kind of threat did they think she was?

A blind Shaolin Master?

A blind swordsmen?

I always felt the police on average were poorly trained but this right here takes it to new lows.

The Electronic Village has been talking about the police's newly developed fondness for the "shocking":

And on and on.

Apparently the cops like their Negroes on the crispy side.

The idea behind the taser is that it is supposed to keep the cops from using excessive force, of the 41 to 50 bullets to unarmed black men kind.

The argument against giving cops the tasers has always been that it would be quickly abused by law enforcement who would see it as an answer for all types of uncooperative suspects.

Now I like to give the cops hell because......well they deserve it.

But I am not with out understanding, sympathy, or even empathy for the job they have to do in communities that view them more as a problem than a solution.

But that again is their fault, when a poorly trained cop is set loose into community an abuses his authority, than gets protected by a union that fights tooth and nail to have them keep their job, than protected by their fellow officer's code of silence, and than gets off through the judicial system, well you can see why some people like to say F%^#& the police.

The mistrust between the police and some of the communities they are to "protect" and serve in has been bred into society for a while now, and it is in the best interest of both sides to clear up the channel's of communications so that both sides know who they are dealing with and what is acceptable conduct and not.

That way the next dude that catches one will most definitely deserve it as in this dude right here.....

Boy the moment he called me "Bro" I would of stayed pressing the button on his butt, he would of been able to turn on and off TVs, garage doors, and arcade joints just by walking around.

But I am not a cop.