Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monkey With Guns 5: Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD

And you wonder why people say f%^$ the police in particular NY PD.

This was a ride backed by an activist group called Critical Mass.

The cops do a bang up job of making asses out of themselves.

There is some type of feud between NY PD and Critical Mass.

No one knows for sure what Critical Mass is protesting for sure or what there agenda is other than better treatment bicyclist, there all over the board with there platform and there seems to be no central leadership.

But what is for certain is that they gather in major mass and have issue with the NY PD.

Which of course isn't hard to believe, whop doesn't have issues with NY PD?

I don't even live in NY any more and I still got issues with those bastards.

And growing up in NY if your a driver there wasn't any body more annoying than messenger bikes treating traffic like an obstacle course, I'm betting that they make a nice chunk of Critical Mass.

It's only natural that these two groups would get on each other nerves.

But the issue here is the cops acting like they were raised by wolves.

There is a very thin line between law enforcement and criminals, something about the thrill seeking mind that makes these two more similar to each other than different.

The problem is that there are cops who are constantly blurring those lines.

To NY PD credit they took this creep off the street with the quickness, I guess the poor dunce would have been better off unloading his clip on a black man, he would still have a job.