Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Knicks

I avoided talking about the Knicks because I knew there was going to be some BS when they hired Mike D'Antoni to coach the team, giving me a reason to throw something at the TV when ever the Knicks are mentioned.

Apparently I am the only one who knows that this dude's up tempo style did not bring a ring to the Suns so why would things be different in New York?

Also the man has a problem coaching defense which anybody with half a brain knows you cant win a championship with out good D.

Ask the Lakers and their supporters.

Thats the rule in any sport.

Than there is the fact that the east coast style of basketball has always been about defense first so D'Antoni style of ball is good for one thing and one thing only to entertain.

Dont get me wrong he'll win games eventually when he gets the right personal such a
Danilo Gallinari....

..who will fit in well with the coach's system, but is highly over rated, that is two years out before it all comes together and contrary to popular belief Lebron James will not be coming to the Knicks, the Nets maybe but not the Knicks.

Donnie Walsh has already made his move to get rid of malcontent Marbury by bringing in Chris Duhon but he doesnt look like a black Steve Nash to me.

Lets be real about it, Nash was the one carrying the Suns, with out him they aint ish.

Mike D'Antoni is out to prove he can win with out him, Im betting he cant.

And I am betting that i am going to suffer again through a lousy Knicks season.