Thursday, July 10, 2008

Battle of the Bulge

Today I start my war against the bulge while in class my weight shot up but I thought nothing of it since I have always been able to drop it off pretty quick just by increasing my daily activities.

Well kill that idea.

Age has caught to me and now what I eat is happily building a home on my body namely around the gut.

My back actually hurts!

So I have come up with a plan to shed the weight.

1- Beef is out.

I am a serious red meat monster, I love a good burger and steak?

My God I cant explain how I feel about steak, but it is out, beef stays in your system for weeks before you pass it out.

2- More veggies.

My attitude toward vegetables is that they are on my plate for decoration.

That must stop.

3- Stay away from the barbecue joints.

No more JJ Rib Shack, no Abdoul the Butcher's, no This is it, most definitely no Ann's Snack Bar, you want to talk about a burger go there.

They don't make bread strong enough to hold that meat.

The other places like the Cheese Cake Factory, and the Vortex serve different stuff i just have to order it.

4- Good buy Corona hello Michelob Ultra

My God have you ever tried drinking that stuff?

It's like drinking seltzer water, but beer is the main culprit in my weight gain yet I'll be damn if I give that up.

5- Hit the GYM

No heavy weights, going light and hitting the tread mill like a champ.

The plan is to drop 500 calories a day to get a 1 to 2lb drop off a week, (or is it 3500 calories per week? Show how much attention I gave in class).

The Gym I'm at Center Court is 24 hours 7 days a week so I do the late night work out thing. As of now I burning 3000 a week but I am pretty sure that will slow down.

I want this stuff off of me by the time next thanksgiving comes around.