Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quote for the day: June 3

Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall there was this one: Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.'

Master lttei commented: Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.

-"Hagakure" Yamamoto Tsunetomo-

Yeah I understand that, it's can be hell to pay when we put off the little things until one day we look up and the next thing you know you have an army of problems that eat up the most valuable thing you got and cant get back time.

And of course there are big problems we can not do anything about because the ball is not on our side of the court so we waist time stressing it.

The earlier part of the year was like that for me, this time around I am nipping things in the bud and saving my self the headache.