Monday, June 23, 2008

Products: E-Readers

I am some what of a book rat, if I like a book, graphic novel, comic what ever it stays.

Some where, on the shelve, under the bed, on the table where ever. Until it's time to move and I realize I got to haul all this pulp around.

But I cant throw them away, because some of them are hard to come by or just not in print.

There is my Brotherman comics, Hard covers of Steven Barnes work, Imaro by Charles Saunders, Sun Tzu's Art of War, Good P@#!y by Donald Spears, Black Panther graphic novel and others.

I hate giving them away, selling them or tossing them because I want them.

So when people started talking about E-Readers.....

I got happy quick.

Finally somewhere to keep my collection without having to break my back.

You see I am more into the writing than the physical book it's self.

Not interested in first editions and what not, just the knowledge or story.

So putting everything in a suped up pocket PC seems like a great idea, it will solve my storage problems, make me feel less guilty about trees getting chopped for a book, and motivate me to buy more books or e-books rather.

That is till I did some research.

Now I am only interested in the e-book aspect of the devices so I do not care if it plays mp3s or what type of PDA files it is compatible with.

But here is the problem, remember those rare prints?

Good luck trying to find those as an e-book, or much of anything else for that matter.

Despite the fact that the e-readers are growing in popularity publishers are not keeping up fast enough.

Not even the bootleg sites that give the stuff away free have what I want.

Besides the fact that I like the authors to get there money because they usually do good work consistanly, unlike music artist, (try finding a good ALBUM).

Than there is the graphic novel issue, a lot of these readers are black and white only which kills that idea.

And of course there is the price ranging from 150-400 bucks, for a speciality electronic that is way to much.

Add the fact that I cant get the text books I need on there and its a wrap.

I know the product is new so it'll take time for everything to catch up but I want mine now.

I'll just have to wait till it catches up with me.