Monday, June 30, 2008

Once again.

The Internet is getting more seedier than usual these days.

The thing is that the main subject of this video and a another girl who got busted on my space came from two parent homes, so the lack of a role male model was no excuse, neither reports got into why these particular young girls were doing this and lying about there age.

The other thing thing is that it is black men who have been getting busted for being the johns in these cases.

I suspect the motivation behind this has more to do with these young girls trying to live up to some image of what a woman is supposed to be and do than a need for love or money.

The parents also come into question for not knowing what there kids are up to on the computer, or there were abouts, i can understand a single parent with multiple kids being stretched to his or hers limit when it comes to tracking down your kids but in a two parent home?

I think things are more complicated than what they seem.

It's best to start asking these women for a birth certificate and Id when you meet them.