Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's On! (but I am still hating)


I cant believe the league got exactly what they were looking for in this match up.

I am watching this series under protest, because the cynic in me (or could be the Knick in me), swears this was a set up.

LA gets Paul Gasol handed to them for peanuts after Kobe showed his thong all summer asking for a trade.

Boston pulls the old boys club hook up and get KG for jack.

And I do not care what any one says LA GOT ALL THE CALLS AT HOME, it didnt make sense the number of fouls shot they took and opposing teams did'nt.

Nope this stinks.

Yet I am still watching, and I am going to root (God forgive me) for the Celtics, only because i like KG and Pierce that all so with that the Corona and rhum are at the ready for Thursday so let the games begin.

GO Celtics!