Monday, June 16, 2008

True Story 8: Im not bragging.

I'm not bragging or anything but I have been out and about all summer and on the down time surfing the net so I have noticed some things.

In this case what I noticed that my feet look better than most women's.

I have been in blase blah mode all summer being real lazy since the fiasco that was my winter semester of school, so I have been walking around in flip flops, and so when ever I sneak a peek at a women's foot my eyes inadvertently goes back to my own.

I guess since I always wore shoes so I never noticed.

I mean they are Men's feet muscular, veins, a little hairy, but symmetrical and with out bruises.

Shocking considering how much I kick around in them.

It really became apparent a couple of months ago when I gave a friend a ride to the nail shop so she can get her hands and toes done and decided what the hell let me try it.

I got to say it was not bad, the Korean lady massaged my legs all the way up to the knees filed down the nails, pain free, and put some clear stuff on there that made it shine.

Now of course the place was full of women so I am looking at every one else's feet and I was definitely not impressed.

Some had corn on their toes, others had their toes sitting on top of each other, (I tired not to laugh when the one tech tried to straighten on this ladies toes so she could do her work and the damn things kept jumping on top of each other), there was one foot were the ladies middle toes were longer than the big toe, like some type of alien foot.

Than their were the fat toes and stubby toes, on and on, the crazy thing was that the prettier the woman the more twisted her feet were.

I know they saw my feet, and heard the tech compliment me on my feet, a point my friend refused to disscus with me.

Now I have no idea why there is a decline in the apperance of toes from women, maybe it has to do with the shoes, but I am definitely getting a kick out of it.

I'm going to take a picture of my feet and post it to show what I mean.