Friday, June 13, 2008

Are you really surprised?

I wish I could say I was surprised by this taster of unripe vagina, getting to Step into the sun set but I am not.

The moment people started arguing if that was really him and the "victims" started denying, it was a wrap.

The question is who do you blame for this?

Before the 2nd allegation jumped off I asked some friends what they thought.

Now every brotha I asked had the same answer, which was he did it, it was wrong, and if you pushed for a black and white answer hard enough they would say yeah he needs to be in jail.

I had asked some lady friends what they thought of ol Kelly and the response was left or right, all agreed that he makes good music.

They either thought he should be in jail or that he should walk.

Funny thing is the ones that thought that he should walk felt that it was the girls fault, "she knew what she was doing..." was the common response.

The irony is that those women all had something in common, which was they were introduced to sex at an early age by an older boy or man.

The ones who felt Kelly should be in jail tended to be more established in life or on the path, but they were really not to convincing when they said it.

Now I am not blaming the victims, the courts, police, or even R. Kelly the bigger issue here to me are women.

If you ask me Kelly had it easy from women, they let dude skate.

Which is ironic considering that black men have become the favorite punching bag of the sistas of late, and to tell you the truth not with out some good reasons.

But this dude right here was a clear cut villian, but I didnt hear about any protest out side of his concerts like the Spellman girls did Nelly for sliding a credit card down a grown woman's butt.

No turning there backs on him like they did Wesly Snipes when he he put his foot in his dumb mouth with comments about black women.

Blogosphere had an answer for every thing a brotha does from dead beat dad sites to IR sites and so on, were was the convict R. Kelly sites?

To be honest though the solution though is not in the hands of black women I believe, the brothas dropped the ball on this one.

We should of been in that monkey's ass the first time around, we should of been the ones snatching his CD out of the hands of the tweenies and breaking it, should of been the ones calling the radio station and saying stop playing that mess, questioning how this fool gets awards on tv.

To late now though, this fool is going to be sliding his way right into the bank.

But that's ok because "he makes good music".