Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monkeys with Guns: The IRS

Ok I have been avoiding talking about this one because the truth is I am a fan of Wesley Snipes.

Yes the man gave his career the kiss of death with the comments about black women which may or may not be true depending on what brother you talk to.

But lets be real there is a shopping list of black actresses who dont date black men but where smart or dishonest enough not to say why or give the standard "I love black men....(fill it in your self)" line.

Black men don't get upset, we just wait till the eventual divorce or break up and move in on that ass.

True he cheated on his taxes, who doesnt?

And If you dont well congrats Saint Throw the First Stone.

But three years jail time?

Thats some ol bullshit for real.

I said locking people in this country is a money maker, and the Prison Industrial Complex's number one source of big loot are black men.

Am I the only one who knows the cops walked in the Sean Bell killing?

That the DA in the Jena Six case and in every case of a black man found wrongly convicted still have their job?

How about that mess down in Dunbar Village?

The list goes on.

Hell no I won't buy into this I already got my free Wes T-shirt ready.