Monday, May 5, 2008

Can't get much lower than this: Man infects women with HIV on purpose.

My homeboy brought this scumbag to my attention.

I did not talk about this low life because I was not sure if he was Bullshitting or not, this is the same guy who gets on tape talking about killing rappers, but I know about this dude's and his XXX site and his associates so yeah he had the ability to do it.

I doubt the numbers but I do not doubt that he could do it because it was done before.

I remember a man hunt that went on in NJ to go after a drug dealer who was going around having sex with underage girls and infecting them with HIV so it is very much a reality.

Truth be told I think dude is full of it in my opinion, but if causes people to wrap it up well allow me to help spread the message.

There is a lesson in this, you better treat sex like boxing, Protect Your Self At All Times.