Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Messing with white people's heads..

Messing around at the Oh Hell Naw blog had me thinking about my white-attude.


White-attude is my behavior when I get around white folk that get on my nerve.

I have a white voice that I break out every now and than.

I got the best one in town I think, very Ben Stiller with just a touch of Sean Connery in it.

I break it out when ever I get pulled over by the cops, at work or just to fuck with white people in general.

Than I'll do things like if I am driving and I pull up next to a white person and there blasting some rap music, I'll turn my speakers up and hit them with some Meatloaf or Panic at the Disco.

Hell if we get to talking about sports I always defend the white jock, Greatest basketball player? Larry Bird. Boxer? Rocky Marciano, Golfer? Tiger Woods. (just playing).

If I am not carful I can get on some ol Uncle Ruckus mess for real.

But the looks on their face is priceless.