Saturday, April 26, 2008

O'Reilly Dropping Dime

I remember when I first saw the kid who obviously was reading from a card or something, I thought it was funny in a aww look at what the kids are doing sort of way, well the great crusader of American values has decided to use this in his never ending struggle asgainst the evils of Hip-Hop. I sleep better at night knowing that Bill O'reilly and the rest of the ant-Hip-Hop brigade on and off the net have my back.

Child abuse? Hell I want to see more of this!
Here is some more about it.

And this dude right here is about to blow a blood vessle.

For real as funny as this is and the as funny as hell the reaction this vid has caused the Secret Service I am sure has no sense of humor about this. A mental health hospital I used to work at had this dude who was constantly try to get the President on the phone, next thing we know the dude actually got through, with in the hour the place was crawling with the SS. My man was not stable so they did not bother with him. I hate to see the kid or who ever put him up to this. And no I doubt very much the parents had anything to do with this. Who ever it is duck mutha#$@!$.