Wednesday, March 5, 2008

True Story 4: The Great Saboteur.

When it comes to relationships I am the Great Saboteur.

I know how to screw it up royaly.

Over the weekend a homeboy of mine pointed this out to me by way of women associates.

He noticed that the women that I called good friends were what you would call marriage material.

Educated, intelligent, kind hearted, universally attractive, centered and ordereed in their lives.

These are the that I kick it with, hang out, absolutely no fooling with.

He than pointed out that the women I chased around, were ussually unmotivated, zero ambition, scandalous, chaotic, out right trouble.

To be honest I already knew this but I did not realize that their was a pattern.

Every women I take seriously is a walking disaster.

My friend says I am suffering from a hero complex, (more popularly known as Captain Save a Ho), that I am trying to be a hero to these women so I only seek out the ones in need, knowing damn well you cant help those who will not help themselves.

He maybe right but I hate to think I am that naive, what I think is that I am choosing these women because they are easy to walk away from.

You see with a woman who has her act together you have to put in 100% effort, no half stepping.
I know I am not willing to do that because that means a very serious relationship that I want no part of.

I do not consider my self twisted for it just not ready for it.

Am I?