Monday, February 4, 2008

True Story 3:What I learned this weekend: Women are lousy tippers.

I went to dinner at one of my favorite spots the Vortex in in Little Five, (think the New York Village pre 2000 and a lot more toned down), with a lady friend of mine who usd to be a waitress.

After the dinner I noticed she was paying attention to what I was leaving for a tip.

Now I always tip when I got out if I cant leave a tip I will not go thats just me.

I think it's the right thing to do for some one serving you.

So I am thinking I might of made a mistake on the amout which is unusual because I always leave more than 15% the bill was 42 and I left a 10 spot.

So I asked her whats up and thats when she told me when she was working as an waitress she always worked the tables with men because women in particular black women were bad tippers if they tipped at all.

Now I love to argue a point but I had nothing to stand on because every time I go out with a woman regardless of the relationship romantic or platonic I always pay, none of that dutch mess.

So I had no proof to counter that and I remember other friends in the service industry telling me the same thing.

We got into why and she believed it was a jealousy thing women being catty.

I thought it had to do with women just not used to doing it, if men are paying all the time than how would you know what to leave behind?

Thats all.

Any thoughts?