Monday, February 2, 2009

Deal Breaker 8: Unconditional Love.

"Unconditional love is a term that means to love someone regardless of his actions or beliefs."

Don't even ask me about that.

Never again will I do that BS again.

You know what they say about it being better to love and loss than not to love at all?

I wish I caught the mutha who said that, I would still be beating his ass.

See what they don't tell you about unconditional love is that it is an unstable, irrational and volatile emotion that will explode into a fiery inferno usually caused by realization by one partner that the other partner has abused, mistreated, betrayed, bartered or rejected the love you have given to them.

And that realization turns into the most debilitating pain known to man, it cripples you, it leaves a poisonous bile that seeps from your shattered heart into your guts blocking any food from coming in and expelling anything from you guts out.

It creeps into your bones like a cancer and robs you of strength leaving you paralysed were you lay.

It creeps into your eyes and effects the retina's making you sensitive to light, seeking out the cool embrace of darkness.

It moves in waves into your brain like syphilis gone unchecked and slowly pushes you to madness.

It twists your soul into a an ugly bitter thing, like a child abused all it's life all it knows and can give is pain.

That is the other side of unconditional love they don't talk about.

But with that pain boys and girls comes a clarity of the mind, a moment of sobriety in a drunken sea of misery.

That's when the mind wraps it's self around a cool logic, a rational that steadies it's self.

Things start to make sense.

Every blues song ever made becomes your gospel.

You decipher things, like Mercutio's Queen Mab rant wasn't a fanciful rant or warning, but a broken man who has had his heart ripped by love and is bitter as hell about it.

(Move to the 2:00 mark for the Queen Mab. )

Things like murder makes sense......

.......and so does the motivation of a murder.

Unconditional love is insanity that leads into a criminal insanity, waiting patiently for it's next sucker to hop on board it's love express and lose his or hers natural fucking mind.

This is what unconditional love leads to if unchecked.

No grown man or woman should ever talk about loving some one unconditionally, hell God doesn't even love us unconditionally!

Think I am lying?!

Think about it.

It is clear as day light, you sin you lose and you burn.

Take you ass to church, temple, or the mosques all you want chump, if you ain't doing right the other days your going to the devils barbecue and your ass is on the menu.

Unconditional love is for little kids who don't know better, puppy love......

Hell no you can keep that friends, take that cup away from me, I want no part of that evil brew.

Instead I will take conditional love.

Conditional love comes with rules, it comes with the understanding that if you fuck me over I am out, the blog is full of my conditions so no need to rehash them.

Bottom line thats the only way it is going to work for me.

Deal Breaker.

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