Friday, January 11, 2008

You Beautiful Bastard!!

What the deuces you bastard who ever you are!
I do not know if I should thank you for putting her back on the market, or curse you for breaking her heart.
How do you dump Serena?
That's some nuts right there!
You do not dump Serena Serena dumps you!
We all know that, who the hell are you to buck the system ya Mofo!!!
Black, white, Asian what ever you got a whole lot of N^%#$ in you partner!
Not me she would have to dump me and put a restraining order on my ass, at least 100 miles.
I would be so close to her you would think I was a new kind of thong,"The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor thongs they will be all up in you".
I would stink of Serena.
You know I would keep a police record messing with her.
Right in the middle of her set the announcer would be like "hold it we have a disturbance in the crowd.....apparently Serena's boyfriend has had enough of the spectators watching his girlfriend play tennis. He is swinging on every one...Good God did you see what he did to that little old lady!!!".

I'll Deal with you later Mr. I do not want to call anybody back.
Serena baby you know my email hit me up.

Cheesed-off tennis star Serena reveals broken heart

January 10, 2008
SYDNEY (AFP) - Australian Open champion Serena Williams has revealed that she will defend her title this month nursing a broken heart -- and that she has found solace in a book called "Who Moved My Cheese?"

Williams bares her feelings in her blog on the official website, unloading her angst at putting her faith in a boyfriend then being dumped.

"Trust is something you vowed you would never do again, but slowly your heart comes out of its steel enclosure," she wrote in the entry posted on her website Monday.