Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quick Quote and extra: Jan 8

"there is no such thing as bad weather only unsuitable clothing" Alfred Wain Wright, London Daily Telegraph

Atlanta weather is driving me nuts, last week it was freezing, yesterday is was in the 70's.

This has to be the flu capitol of the country.

BTW If you haven't already I suggest that if you are not elderly or a child to stay away from the flu shot.

Seems every one I know that gets it gets sick I am a believer in that you should let your body's natural immune system take care of the problem unless you have an immune deficiency disease like HIV.

When the body is left to defend it's self against pathogens it records them like in a memory bank allowing you to be protected against the same sickness when it comes around again.

However because of the use of vaccines pathogens like the flu virus constantly evolve giving birth to super viruses, that are immune to the latest vaccines causing the need for new one and thus more super viruses.

Kids and the elderly should take the shots for different reasons.

With kids their immune response has not fully developed yet, that and the fact that they are constantly exposed to sickness.

Ever see what goes on at a day care?

It's like a giant petri dish, they exchange sickness in those places like a hand shake.

With the elderly their immune system because of age is slow to respond basically.

So they should get the shot, all those in between should just suck it up and take it.